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Interlocking Driveways, Patios, Walkways, Steps, Retaining Walls, Pillars & Curbs.


Interlocking is a widespread choice for any part of property landscaping. It can be used if for driveways, walkways, porches, patios, retaining walls,etc. The advantage of interlocking is that over time, it can be re-levelled and withstands changing climates, which would take a toll on concrete and asphalt surfaces. There is never a worry about cracking or sinking and of course you can save yourself a bundle avoiding repairs, as re-levelling is inexpensive and quick. Another advantage is that the design options are endless. Different colours,shapes and patterns can be used to customize your project.

Feel free to browse our photos for creative ideas and designs and choose the right one for you!


Interlock Driveways

A new interlock driveway is the perfect way to add value and curb appeal to your home. With a number of exciting options in materials and design styles homeowners are turning to driveways to set their residence apart from their neighbours and add much desired equity to their property.



Exceptional Works will help you design a beautiful Patio that compliments your lifestyle and seamlessly connects your home and garden. A well designed, spacious Interlocking Backyard Patio will provide a stunning outdoor living space.


Natural Stone Patios, Walkways, Steps, Retaining Walls, Driveways, Pillars, Curbs & Boulders.

altNatural stone provides a beauty that could only be found when out in nature. It could be used to showcase a rustic look or can be used in a modern way. The variety of colours, versatility of uses, wide availability, durability and beauty, make it an ideal product to use in any landscape design.

Walkways/ Steps

Enhance the existing appearance of your home with a maintenance free functionally designed interlocking walkway to compliment your existing landscaping. Stone stairs can be straight, rounded, or angled and can quickly become the focal point of any entrance.


Garden/Retaining walls

Whether you are looking to add an accent Garden Wall or Supportive Retaining Wall, Exceptional Works will provide an attractive functional design to meet your needs.


Pristine Pool Decks

Create a decorative, safe, non-slip surface ideal for lounging, sun-bathing, or Barbecuing. Exceptional Works will provide you with a variety of colors and styles to choose from.

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